Multigon for Ash​

Multigon for Ash

Steyrermühl, Austria

MULTIGON for fly ash

Bulk goods / Properties and technical challenge:

Fly ash (fines)
Main properties:
Good fluidization, at the same time cohesive (the finer the grain size, the more cohesive --> effect of moisture)

Technical challenge:
In degassed state very poor free flow, in gas-filled state, due to high fluidity, poor dosage; if the bulk material is cohesive at the same time, loosening with air is not very effective.

Task / application:

● Takeover of hot ash (200° C) from preexisting silos
● Cooling of hot ash
● Buffering of 800 m³ fly ash
● Loading of dry ash


● Low-cost cooled screw conveyor using innovative technology
● Integrated in the building complex to save space
● No encrustation of ash due to insulation effect of MULTIGON
● Designed for easy expansion of a third cell

Key data of our solution:

Engineering of the project, 2 MULTIGON silo cells (5 x 5 x 16.8 m) with a capacity of 400 m³ each, screw conveyors, cooled screw conveyor.

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